Pfizer expansion upwards of €1.2B in Ireland

Pfizer expansion upwards of €1.2B in Ireland

After committing to a significant expansion in Ireland, Pfizer is now moving east into continental Europe.

Just one day after plotting an identical investment in Dublin, the company announced it would invest 1.2 billion euros in Puurs, Belgium. Pfizer said in a press release that some projects in Belgium will begin in early 2023, while others will begin in early 2020, where the expansion will occur over the next three years (Dutch).

A total of 250 new jobs are expected to be created as a result of the project. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pfizer's Puurs headcount has already grown from 2,800 to 4,500 employees.

A similar COVID-19 vaccine production network exists at Pfizer's Puurs campus, as it does in Ireland. A huge investment of this magnitude has never before been made at this site, according to Pfizer.

There will be three main areas of expansion at Puurs: production capacity, cold storage, and packaging. A portion of Pfizer's financial investment has been set aside to build and equip the company's new Isolator Center Center, which will include a set of production modules for extra filling capability.

The move seems developed, in part, to parry sliding COVID-19 vaccine incomes, which have struck pandemic gamers of all shapes and sizes in 2022.

Aside from its BioNTech-partnered mRNA shot Comirnaty, Pfizer is looking to press out more than a dozen brand-new medications over the next year and a half, Reuters points out.